I know i dont do much on here anymore but i would like to bring it to Ice Yoe’s attention that i have made 2 new armies on 2 games and i have brought back BPCR!!! You can find all of this info on http://bpcr2.wordpress.com or http://dmourworld.wordpress.com


I think my site got hacked but i got it back and nothing was wrong with it…I will now be posting and commenting with a different account but will still be updating this website….I have maidma new army called ACP enemies trying to destroy  acp….There is an invasion soon and were helping acp,golds,and uma out and i got uma to start it so I am ppretty happy……

———————-ice yoe———

Now known as Leader of BPCR and ACP enemies

mr awsom77

How did you loose your blog….maybe i can get you pass for this blog mr awsom77 or something so you can still help with army….

Youtube account

We have a u-tube account I’ll make a page with vids on it but if u want to see the page go to http://www.youtube.com/user/PCiceyoe and u’ll get it!

~Mr Awsom77~


We mite have our first war!!!!

There is an army called P.C.M (Planet.Cazmo.Mafia)

we mite be allies but we have no enemies to go againsed….The army has not yet responded bit I hope they do.We mite be allies bit there are no enemies so there is no point yet…If you want to visit there site to help inform them that we may have a war go to http://planetcazmomafia.net

I thinking of an idea if you want to use it……..

I named it duel off

When you have an hour war and get bored and you have a duel off

1.One army on one side and the next army on the other
2.Have the 2 highest leaders next to each other well the highest ranked people from each army have there armys ruting for them.
3.have someone start the duel off
4.First person who is in the duel who gets hit with a waterballoon looses(therefore the war is over and the winning penguins army wins)
——————Ice yoe———————

B.P.C.R is a army for http://www.planetcazmo.com  created by me (Ice yoe) and Mrawsom77 that stands for

B : Black

P : Planet

C : Cazmo

R : Rebel’s

We are a new army and if you want to join one of the first army’s your more than welcome

check out this website and join on the join page.

You can visit our other leader

Mr.Awsom77  at http://www.mrawsome77.wordpress.com